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Working with Grupo Mass has always been a positive experience. They´re very creative when it comes to developing a holistic campaign that can pique our client´s attention, who are very tough to please. Being disruptive is one of the biggest challenges of a luxury brand, and this is something that Grupo Mass clearly understands. They are the perfect partner for a brand like Mercedes Benz

Gustavo Castagnino
Head of External Affairs, Communications & Sustainability

The team was always in the lookout for new opportunities and helped us garner great coverage in the right media outlets. Being a boutique agency, their approach is more concise and strategic. We set KPI ́s which were met and exceeded with great results. Loved working with them!

Fernando Cerna
Director of Sales and Marketing

Grupo Mass helps us stay on the ball with the latest Communications trends. They are a group of young but experienced professionals, and it's always a pleasure to work with them. We keep choosing them, since 2006.

Susana Barranco
CGB Manager Argentina

Grupo Mass dominates the representation of Latin America’s luxury arts and lifestyle brands (...) They’ve expanded into neighboring markets in Uruguay, Brazil, and Miami, and established themselves as the go-tos for top-tier brands by the likes of Tom Ford, Fendi, Dom Perignon, and French Vogue... just to name a few

Noah Lehava
Director, Lifestyle and Talent

If you aren´t staying on top of the newest trends in content marketing, your brand will be left behind, plain and simple.

Gary Henderson

They really know how to maximize our brand image through social media. They are also very knowledgeable on influencer´s marketing.

Josefina Tuzinkevicz
Marketing Manager

Content-marketing is the most powerful engine driving sales, but few businesses have a plan.

Victor G. Snyder
Guest Writer / Consulting Business Coach

They´ve shook up the Agency model. Today they´re more like a trusted partner for us. Grupo Mass certainly understands their client´s goals, needs and priorities like no other agency. And they do it in a very comprehensive way.

Mariana Garbes
Communications Director

Content marketing is evolving, and, as buying becomes increasingly non-linear, it can play an important role in aligning selling with buying.

Fran V. Cespedes
Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School